Dr. Neelima is very friendly in nature. She's not only an excellent doctor but she is also a good listener and a good human being. I could freely talk about my issues to her without feeling judged. Her medication has helped me to improve my health and I'm grateful for that. Her treatment has helped me to re-build my confidence.
Had a treatment of tonsils for my son and Doctor treated him very well. Now he is all clear and don't have any issues. We also had medication for immunity boosting and did not face any kind of issues yet. Thanks a lot doctor.
My family member had gluten alergy and all alopathy doctors suggested to stop eating gluten food forever. My friend recommended about Dr. Neelima and after taking her treatment now she can have all gluten food with no symptoms seen.
I was suffering from headache, fever and weakness when I consulted our family doctor Dr. Divecha. Then after 3-4 days I started recovering but, On day-5 my wife fall sick in similar manner. Doctor asked me to do COVID-19 test. Me and my wife both tested positive. By that time till we get the reports, we both were out of the illness. During that period Dr. Divecha did follow up on daily Basis by telephonic conversation. We got perfectly okay after 8 days of treatment. Because of her timely follow ups and changes in medicine according to the symptoms we recovered very fast. A BIG THANKS to Dr. DIVECHA
I had consulted Dr. Neelima in Jan2020 for my wife Rupali & 3 Yr old Daughter Swara. Rupali was facing some sinus related issues and Swara had history of frequent Cold & Cough. Both of them have shown tremendous improvement. We are glad that we completed the first course just before the Covid-19 started spreading. Swara has not shown any occurrence of cough and cold and that keeps us worry free during this tough Covid19 time. Thanks again for your support all these days
Dr. Neelima is a very good doctor. She listens to all the problems very carefully and helps us in our problems & illness. Her medicines are very effective and my problems have started to cure. She is trustable and she helps us for betterment of our physical and mental health. Homeopathy medicines takes time but we should have faith and belief, so that our problems get cured soon.
My self Priyanka Singh On 24 June at 10 am My report came that I am covid 19 positive my treatment started from 25 of June I was taking both the treatment homeopathy and allopathy but homeopathy help me to recover faster and it was not having any side effects. I would person like to thank Dr. Neelima Divecha she help me a lot during my Covid 19 duration. She was analysing my symptoms and giving me a proper treatment and advice . Now I am totally fit and fine . So once again I would like to thanks Dr Neelima Divecha for her treatment and homeopathy medicine are very useful .
Dr. Neelima has been great support for our family & relatives. All you have to do is follow her instructions, take medicines & results are seen. Helped one my family friend recover early from COVID-19 when he was hospitalized, Doctor has also given effective results in treating Eczema & kidney stone for my relatives. She is the only Homeopathic Doctor you will ever need. Thank you Doctor Neelima.
Dr.Neelima is very experience and having deep knowledge about Homeopathy.Her treatment process is unique and I like it very much. My mother was suffering lung inspection since last several year. Her condition was critical. Before starting treat ment with Dr.Neelima she was hospitalized 4 times in a year ,but no result. Then I have started treatment of my mother with Dr. Neelima in the month of January 2020. Within 1 month time , I seen positive results. Her problems related to lung infection is resolved after treatment of 3 month.
She understands the root cause and explain more in deep. She listen all the issue carefully and give time to patient. I have been know Neelima madam since many years. And the treatment is good.
Very friendly Doctor and we'll versed with the subject. Makes you comfortable and treatment is very effective . Afforadable rates also.
I am consulting her for 3 yrs...I had an amazing experience with her. Excellent doctor n person and very knowledgeable. she put 100% effort to cure the disease from root. I recommend her name to all my family n friends.
Dr. Devecha never allowed you to think that she is your doctor. I always feel that i am with my close relative. Her rigorous efforts to help you in your agony is very laudable. The kindness shown works far better than medicine.
My family is consulting her for few years. I have recently started her medicine for my 1 year old son to treat cold cough and to boost general immunity. She is very patient, knowledgeable and warm person. Ever willing to help and easily accessible on phone / MSG's. Definitely 5 star!
Dr Neelima is a very good doctor. when i go to take my medicine feel as if she is my friend who wants to understand me & solve my illness. Her medicine also very effective and gvs results very fast. Yes, anyone can trust her and go for betterment of health physically and mental relaxation.
Dr. Nileema is very true and honest doctor I have seen ever. I was going under skin issues Urticaria which Dr.Nileema sorted in three months. I was facing the issue from past one year. I had gone to several doctor but it was not cured. I wasted my money behind ayurveda. Dr. Nileema is very patient and listen to our issue first. Thank you doctor for your help
Very pleased with Dr Neelima’s services. She is very professional and calm. She understands the problem thorougly providing quick and effective solutions. Despite we living in UK, she responded to our urgent request and couriered the medicines in no time. Highly reccommend her.
Dr. Neelima is a great award wining doctor. She gives attention to her patients 100%. She is always on time. There are no long hours waiting period. Reasonable fee.
Neelima is a great Doctor and very good human being. I remember in 2010 three Doctors told me to Amput my Toe, but she gave me best Homeopathic medicine and within a month showed the results. I'm thankful Doctor Neelima for saving my toe.
Dr Neelima is the best doctor for homeopathy. She listens and empathetic towards our day to day problems and provides solutions for the same which is through medication or by communication.
I am happy to find a best doctor who is approachable and cures any health issues from the root. I have been consulting her since last 4 years. I recommend her to everyone.
I have been consulting her for about 10 years now for my various problems. She is very intelligent and has the ability to understand and solve the problems in a systematic manner. She designs the dosage based on individual's comfort and is very approachable to discuss & consult for every problem.
Dr. Neelima is a very experienced , Knowledgeable and sincere, dedicated doctor. Had a wonderful experience with her. She is so polite though she is very intelligent.Best clinic and best homoeopathic dr in thane.
The power of Homeopathy at its best in the hands of Dr. Neelima.....Puts all other forms of medicine in the shade. She has cured major illnesses with pills when other forms of medicine had suggested surgery
Neelima mam is a best homoeopathy dr in thane . clinic atmosphere is very good . mam is Very helping and supportive .
Dr Neelima firstly listen's to our problem & then she suggest's remedy. Other Dr had told me to undergo a surgery but after taking medicines from Dr Neelima for 1 yr, now I am completely alright n free from unbearable pains.
I have been consulting since last 4 years for my Son..And very happy with the treatment. Dr. Neelima Divecha is very polite and humble.
Her medicines worked wonders this time. So, I had symptoms of covid and my treatment for covid started on the day I got my RT-PCR done. I tested positive and within a week after her treatment I recovered. She was in constant touch with me through calls and trust me she is a damn good listener. Highly recommend her. Thank you Doc. :)
Easy to find, and very near to the station, its a cozy clinic with all the necessary amenities, easy on the pocket and the perfect solution to any ailment.
Average time given to any patient on an average in India is 2.5 mins. Dr. Divecha lends a ear for at least 30 minutes, so that you get extremely comfortable first. Once you feel at home, discussing about your ailment feels very simple, because the stress has already been reduced by then. Homoeopathy is the most complete science, in the sense that it treats the patient in a holistic manner and ensures well-being of the patient on all three levels - physically, mentally and physiologically. Taking into account all these factors, Dr. Divecha works earnestly to ensure that on most occasions, the patient returns to the clinic only to say that he/ she has now recovered completely. A one-stop solution for all your worries, whether physical, emotional or physiological.
Hello..I fortunately came in contact with doctor 3years back. I was a patient of pcods endometriosis n various problems related to hormonal imbalance. Had undergone couple of surgeries in past for same. After regular treatment of doc Nilima.. I have resumed to my normal life..my entire system has rejuvenated with her medicines. Its has helped me heal not only mentally also medically but also emotionally. I had gt a Skin disease which was treated within a weeks time with her medicine. I am really grateful to her for Healing me in all means. Thnk u doctor!!!
Pleasant atmosphere of clinic, doesn't give stress of we being a patient. Dr. Nilima is excellent in understanding the ailment of the patient And then her medicine does wonders. I can say this as she cured my problem after one sittin g of case study which I was facing since my childhood.which no allopathy doctor from mumbai could cure.
Today we need more doctors like dr.neelima,responsible and genuine ...half disease is cured when u meet her...anyone who is looking for good homeopath in thane,mulund ...look no further..
She is a excellent physician and good nature person who take care of their patients very nicely
Dr. Divecha has been associated with mam's clinic since 2001. My mother's knee pain went out. Right now I was having bones pain due to Rreumatic arthritis for the last 1 1/2 years. I took Ayurveda Medicine for the first 3 months. Even then there was no difference, then I took allopathy and started having its side effects. Such as hair fall etc. That is why I have been taking medicine from dr mam since last 6 months. Many improvements are happening. At the time of Diwali, I speak Galgund, he has a lot of pain, he also took medicine with mam, so I was cured within 2 days. The sister of my sister also removed the gall bladder problem from the root. Very good medicine effect.
You are a very good doctor. I had a lot of difference when I came to you .I did not get any quick change from any doctor .I got a lot of difference to you in a month. And you helped me a lot. Thank you very much.
A baby aged 20 days brought to me by her parents . She developed Dermoid cyst in her left ear. Parents consulted paediatrician first. But Paediatrician refereed her to ENT Surgeon. ENT Surgeon advised surgery on urgent base. So parents agreed and started all preoperative preparation e.g. blood test and physical fitness. After that they were given the date of surgery. Previous day of surgery parents talked to me on phone about suffering of pt. I advised them to postpone surgery and to come immediately to my clinic in the next morning. Parents came to my clinic and I took her case in detail and started treatment. Within 8-10 days baby was alright and surgery could be avoided.
Doctor Neelima firstly listen's to our problem and then she suggest the remedy. Other doctor had told me to undergo a surgery but after taking medicines from Dr. Neelima for 1 year, now i am completely alright an free from unbearable pains.
My family is consulting her for few years. I have recntly started her medicine from my one years ol son to treat cold cough and to boost general immunity. she is very patient knowledge and warm person. Ever willing to help and easily accessible on phone- messages. Definitely Five Star.
I have been consulting her for about ten years now for my various problems. She is very intelligent and has the ability to understand and solve the problems in systematic manners. She design the dosage based on individual comfort and is very approchable to discuss and consult for every problem.
I have been consulting since last 4 years for my son and very happy with the treatment. Dr. Neelima Divecha is very polite and humble.
I have been taking my kids to her for some years now. Doctor is very patient and comforting. There are times doctor has given my kids the medicine in the evening and the very next morning they are almost fine and 75% almost better.
Patient was suffering from Non healing wound developed on back side of Lt. great toe. He was diagnosed for Osteomyelitis. He has consulted 3 Surgeons, they all suggested amputation of toe. After Homoeopathic treatment his infected bone came out of the wound and his wound was healed within 3-4 months. You can see here his photographs of before and after treatment.
All my problems have been cured from the roots. I'll continue taking treatments from her. I've had a really good experience. Would surely recommend her to everyone.
The doctor makes sure you are healed once in for all. Amazing support. Best doc in town :)
Dr.Divecha is really good n her medicines have worked wonders for me.
This is the place which has solved all the health problems of my family, since the clinic started. Cancer recovery, Hair problem, Acidity, nail problem, throat infection, etc. etc. are perfectly solved Dr. Nilima. She is so polite though she is very intelligent. Must be visited in any health issue. Completely reliable...
Dr. Neelima is a very sincere, dedicated doctor. Had a wonderful experience with her. Must approach her for yr medical issues.
Today we need more doctors like dr.neelima,responsible and genuine ...half disease is cured when u meet her...anyone who is looking for good homeopath in thane,mulund ...look no further...
Everything is possible...!!!