A baby aged 20 days brought to me by her parents . She developed Dermoid cyst in her left ear. Parents consulted paediatrician first. But Paediatrician refereed her to ENT Surgeon. ENT Surgeon advised surgery on urgent base. So parents agreed and started all preoperative preparation e.g. blood test and physical fitness. After that they were given the date of surgery. Previous day of surgery parents talked to me on phone about suffering of pt. I advised them to postpone surgery and to come immediately to my clinic in the next morning. Parents came to my clinic and I took her case in detail and started treatment. Within 8-10 days baby was alright and surgery could be avoided.
Doctor Neelima firstly listen's to our problem and then she suggest the remedy. Other doctor had told me to undergo a surgery but after taking medicines from Dr. Neelima for 1 year, now i am completely alright an free from unbearable pains.
My family is consulting her for few years. I have recntly started her medicine from my one years ol son to treat cold cough and to boost general immunity. she is very patient knowledge and warm person. Ever willing to help and easily accessible on phone- messages. Definitely Five Star.
I have been consulting her for about ten years now for my various problems. She is very intelligent and has the ability to understand and solve the problems in systematic manners. She design the dosage based on individual comfort and is very approchable to discuss and consult for every problem.
I have been consulting since last 4 years for my son and very happy with the treatment. Dr. Neelima Divecha is very polite and humble.
I have been taking my kids to her for some years now. Doctor is very patient and comforting. There are times doctor has given my kids the medicine in the evening and the very next morning they are almost fine and 75% almost better.
Patient was suffering from Non healing wound developed on back side of Lt. great toe. He was diagnosed for Osteomyelitis. He has consulted 3 Surgeons, they all suggested amputation of toe. After Homoeopathic treatment his infected bone came out of the wound and his wound was healed within 3-4 months. You can see here his photographs of before and after treatment.
All my problems have been cured from the roots. I'll continue taking treatments from her. I've had a really good experience. Would surely recommend her to everyone.
The doctor makes sure you are healed once in for all. Amazing support. Best doc in town :)
Dr.Divecha is really good n her medicines have worked wonders for me.
This is the place which has solved all the health problems of my family, since the clinic started. Cancer recovery, Hair problem, Acidity, nail problem, throat infection, etc. etc. are perfectly solved Dr. Nilima. She is so polite though she is very intelligent. Must be visited in any health issue. Completely reliable...
Dr. Neelima is a very sincere, dedicated doctor. Had a wonderful experience with her. Must approach her for yr medical issues.
Today we need more doctors like dr.neelima,responsible and genuine ...half disease is cured when u meet her...anyone who is looking for good homeopath in thane,mulund ...look no further...
Everything is possible...!!!